Jenkins: The Definitive Guide (Also Covers Hudson)

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Building Projects in Other Languages Post-Build Actions Reporting on Test Results Archiving Build Results Building Other Projects Running Your New Build Job Working with Maven Build Jobs Configuring the Maven Build Deploying to an Enterprise Repository Manager Deploying to Commercial Enterprise Repository Managers Managing Modules Using Jenkins with Other Languages Building Projects with Grails Building Projects with Gradle Building Projects with NAnt Building Projects with Ruby and Ruby on Rails Automated Testing Automating Your Unit and Integration Tests Configuring Test Reports in Jenkins Displaying Test Results Ignoring Tests Code Coverage Measuring Code Coverage with Cobertura Measuring Code Coverage with Clover Automated Acceptance Tests Automated Performance Tests with JMeter My Tests Are Too Slow!

Add More Hardware Run Your Tests in Parallel Securing Jenkins Activating Security in Jenkins Simple Security in Jenkins Security Realms—Identifying Jenkins Users Using Microsoft Active Directory Using Unix Users and Groups Delegating to the Servlet Container Using Atlassian Crowd Integrating with Other Systems Authorization—Who Can Do What Matrix-based Security Project-based Security Role-based Security Auditing—Keeping Track of User Actions Email Notification More Advanced Email Notification Claiming Builds RSS Feeds Build Radiators Instant Messaging IM Notification with Jabber IRC Notification Desktop Notifiers Notification via Notifo Mobile Notification SMS Notification Making Noise Extreme Feedback Devices Code Quality Code Quality in Your Build Process Working with Freestyle Build Jobs Reporting on Code Complexity Reporting on Open Tasks Integrating with Sonar Advanced Builds Parameterized Build Jobs Creating a Parameterized Build Job More Advanced Parameter Types Building from a Subversion Tag Building from a Git Tag Starting a Parameterized Build Job Remotely Parameterized Build Job History Parameterized Triggers Multiconfiguration Build Jobs Setting Up a Multiconfiguration Build Configuring a Slave Axis Configuring a JDK Axis Custom Axis Running a Multiconfiguration Build Configuring a Job Reusing Job Configuration with Inheritance Plugin Support Freestyle Jobs Coordinating Your Builds Parallel Builds in Jenkins Dependency Graphs Locks and Latches Build Pipelines and Promotions Copying Artifacts Build Promotions Aggregating Test Results Build Pipelines Distributed Builds The Jenkins Distributed Build Architecture Installing a Jenkins Slave as a Windows Service Starting the Slave Node in Headless Mode Starting a Windows Slave as a Remote Service Node Monitoring Cloud Computing Using Amazon EC Automated Deployment and Continuous Delivery Implementing Automated and Continuous Deployment The Deployment Script Database Updates Smoke Tests Rolling Back Changes Deploying to an Application Server Deploying a Java Application Maintaining Jenkins Monitoring Disk Space Using the Disk Usage Plugin Monitoring the Server Load Backing Up Your Configuration Fundamentals of Jenkins Backups Using the Backup Plugin More Lightweight Automated Backups Archiving Build Jobs Migrating Build Jobs Automating Your Tests with Maven Automating Your Tests with Ant List of Figures2.

Signing up for a GitHub account Forking the sample code repository Java Web Start will download and run the latest version of Jenkins Java Web Start running Jenkins The Jenkins start page The Manage Jenkins screen The Configure Jenkins screen Configuring a Maven installation Configuring a JDK installation Managing plugins in Jenkins Installing the Git plugin Setting up your first build job in Jenkins Telling Jenkins where to find the source code Scheduling the build jobs Adding a build step Configuring JUnit test reports and artifact archiving Your first build job running The Jenkins dashboard A failed build The list of all the broken tests Details about a failed test Now the build is back to normal Adding a new build step and report to generate Javadoc Jenkins will add a Javadoc link to your build results Jenkins has a large range of plugins available Adding another Maven goal to generating test coverage metrics Configuring the test coverage metrics in Jenkins Jenkins displays code coverage metrics on the build home page Jenkins lets you display code coverage metrics for packages and classes Jenkins also displays a graph of code coverage over time You can download the Jenkins binaries from the Jenkins website Jenkins setup wizard in Windows Starting Jenkins using Java Web Start Installing Jenkins as a Windows service Configuring the Jenkins Windows Service The Jenkins home directory The Jenkins jobs directory The builds directory Upgrading Jenkins from the web interface You configure your Jenkins installation in the Manage Jenkins screen System configuration in Jenkins Configuring environment variables in Jenkins Using a configured environment variable JDK configuration in Jenkins Installing a JDK automatically Configuring Maven in Jenkins Configuring Ant in Jenkins Configuring an email server in Jenkins Configuring an email server in Jenkins to use a Google Apps domain Configuring Jenkins to use a proxy Jenkins supports four main types of build jobs Creating a new build job Keeping a build job forever To display the Advanced Options, you need to click on the Advanced button Jenkins provides built-in support for Subversion Source code browser showing what code changes caused a build System-wide configuration of the Git plugin Entering a Git repo URL Advanced configuration of a Git repo URL Advanced configuration of the Git branches to build Branches and regions Choosing strategy Git executable global setup Repository browser Polling log Results of Git polling Gerrit Trigger Git Publisher Merge results GitHub repository browser There are many ways that you can configure Jenkins to start a build job Triggering another build job even if the current one is unstable Triggering a build via a URL using a token Adding a build step to a freestyle build job Configuring an Ant build step Configuring an Execute Shell step Adding a Groovy installation to Jenkins Running Groovy commands as part of a build job Running Groovy scripts as part of a build job Reporting on test results Configuring build artifacts Build artifacts are displayed on the build results page and on the build job home page Archiving source code and a binary package Email notification Creating a new Maven build job Specifying the Maven goals Maven build jobs—advanced options Deploying artifacts to a Maven repository After deployment the artifact should be available on your Enterprise Repository Manager Redeploying an artifact Deploying to Artifactory from Jenkins Jenkins displays a link to the corresponding Artifactory repository Viewing the deployed artifact in Artifactory Viewing the deployed artifact and the corresponding Jenkins build in Artifactory Managing modules in a Maven build job Configuring extra Maven build steps Adding a Grails installation to Jenkins Configuring a Grails build step Configuring the Gradle plugin Setting up a Gradle build job Incremental Gradle job NET build tools in Jenkins A build step using MSBuild A build step using NAnt A build step using Rake Publishing code quality metrics for Ruby and Rails Configuring Maven test reports in a freestyle project Installing the xUnit plugin Publishing xUnit test results Jenkins displays test result trends on the project home page Jenkins displays a summary of the test results The details of a test failure Build time trends can give you a good indicator of how fast your tests are running Jenkins also lets you see how long your tests take to run Jenkins displays skipped tests as yellow Installing the Cobertura plugin Your code coverage metrics build needs to generate the coverage data Test coverage results contribute to the project status on the dashboard Displaying code coverage metrics Configuring Clover reporting in Jenkins Clover code coverage trends Using business-focused, behavior-driven naming conventions for JUnit tests Publishing HTML reports Jenkins displays a special link on the build job home page for your report Preparing a performance test script in JMeter Setting up the performance build to run every night at midnight Performance tests can require large amounts of memory Configuring the Performance plugin in your build job The Jenkins Performance plugin keeps track of response time and errors You can also view performance results per request Enabling security in Jenkins The Jenkins Sign up page The list of users known to Jenkins Displaying the builds that a user participates in Creating a new user account by signing up Synchronizing email addresses You can also manage Jenkins users from the Jenkins configuration page The Jenkins user database Selecting the security realm Using Atlassian Crowd groups in Jenkins Using custom scripts to handle authentication Matrix-based security configuration Setting up an administrator Setting up other users Project-based security Configuring project-based security Viewing a project Setting up Extended Read Permissions Setting up Role-based security The Manage Roles configuration menu Managing global roles Managing project roles Assigning roles to users Configuring the Audit Trail plugin Setting up Job Configuration History Viewing Job Configuration History Viewing differences in Job Configuration History Configuring email notification Configuring advanced email notification Configuring email notification triggers Customized notification message Claiming a failed build RSS Feeds in Jenkins Creating a build radiator view Displaying a build radiator view Installing the Jenkins IM plugins Jenkins needs its own dedicated IM user account Setting up basic Jabber notification in Jenkins Advanced Jabber configuration Jenkins Jabber messages in action Install the Jenkins IRC plugins Advanced IRC notification configuration Advanced build job IRC notification configuration IRC notification messages in action Jenkins notifications in Eclipse Launching the Jenkins Tray Application Running the Jenkins Tray Application Creating a Notifo service for your Jenkins instance Configuring Notifo notifications in your 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Jenkins Continuous Integration Report | JRebel

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